All-New Marvel Now First Issue Quick Reviews

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We realize these are a little dated, but with the new site going up, we had to postpone them. A huge thanks to Kevin McVicker for putting them together!

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All-New Ghost Rider #1 – Nothing really happens and the character design is awkward. Still, it is well written enough to give the second issue a shot.

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All-New Invaders #1 – The worst issue of the entire All-New Marvel Now, if not one of the worst issue I have read from Marvel in at least the past ten years.

All-New X-Factor #1 – Most will feel that nothing happens in this story, but the character interactions are expertly written even if at points the art felt lacking.

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Avengers Undercover #1 – A pleasant continuation on Avengers Arena. If you enjoyed that series this is a must read.

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Black Widow #1 – A well craft story for a character I didn’t feel could carry her own title. It is sometimes nice to be proven wrong.

Captain Marvel #1– Not a bad story, but the whiny teenage “where do I belong” theme is getting old especially for an adult character.

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Daredevil #1 – A fantastic example of what a number one issue should be. Very welcoming and well told story.

Inhuman #1 – An extreme let down given what the writer has put out in the past. There is an uneven nature to the dialogue and no connection to the characters, but the artwork is amazing.

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 – Creative storytelling makes this grim take on the character rather beautiful. I consider this one of the best starts to a series of the Marvel Now campaign and highly recommended if you enjoy innovative and original comics.

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Iron Patriot #1 – In no way do I feel this book is relevant or worth reading, but that doesn’t mean it is poorly drawn or written. It just doesn’t make me feel connected to the character.

Moon Knight #1 – Spectacularly executed first issue. On the whole, possibly the best series to come out of the All-New Marvel Now campaign.

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Ms Marvel #1 – Nothing happens in this comic. It feels irrelevant except as a way for Marvel to feel social inclusive to different cultures and races, which the Might Avengers did without feeling forced.

New Warriors #1 – This was rather lackluster given the talent. Not awful, but didn’t intrigue me enough to continue reading.

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The Punisher #1 – A gritty and violent tale without the gore that often came in previous incarnations. It may not be a reinvention, but should be welcomed by any fan of the character.

Secret Avengers #1 – This was delightfully better than the awful cover. Worth checking out if you have room for another series on your pull list for a comic full of action and humor.

She-Hulk #1 – It is a knock off of both Daredevil and Hawkeye, yet still a satisfying and enjoyable read.

Silver Surfer #1 – Do you like Doctor Who, because that’s basically what this is. I personally enjoyed it, but it is completely different from any other series based on this character.

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Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #1 – A well told cloak and dagger style story that holds up against Brubaker’s standards. Again it has much better interior artwork than appears on the cover.

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 – It was not on the whole awful, but a bit manic in its storytelling. I can’t tell where it is going, and I can’t tell if I want to find out.

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X-Force #1 – Some people like extremely bad art, but I don’t. Some people like Marrow, but I don’t know any.