Spider-Man 2099 Cancelled; Brought Back as Secret Wars 2099

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It looks like it’s the end of the line for Spider-Man 2099. Though sales weren’t terrible (they weren’t amazing either), the series is being cancelled and re-branded into Secret Wars 2099.


According to Peter David, the plots from Spider-Man 2099 will continue in Secret Wars 2099. Peter David and Will Sliney will continue to be the creative team on this book as they were with the Spidey title. David says this book won’t take place in Secret Wars, but rather on Battleworld as the book representing the 2099 Universe.


The 2099 Avengers team will also make their debut as they go up against Alchemax. Whether this is an ongoing or limited series has yet to be revealed, but rest assured if you’re looking for your 2099 fix – this is the book to read!