M6P #4: Mickey Takes New York

Be afraid.  Be VERY afraid.   Disney buys the House of Ideas, but is this really the coup of the century?  Jarid and Andy discuss the possible pros and cons of the acquisition as well as “getting back” to basics with the…

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M6P #2: Bloody Comic Bloody Toilet

No guts, no glory.   Reviews and Summaries. Talking about going back to work for the school year as well as dealing with my first visit to the ER as a father. Spider-Man #600 X-Force #17 Immortal Weapons #1 Thunderbolts…

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M6P #1: Intro to 616Politics

Welcome to the big top! Sure this is random, and sure the conversation may not flow exactly; but what do you expect? This is an intro.  Today you will be introduced to Jarid and Andy. Two friends from college that just…

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