M6P #6.5: Raw Clips with Jarid

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Jarid in the Raw.


Hello all you rabid listeners with your clawed hands and your glistening teeth…oh yes, we see you (and here you too).  Since this is our long week and the next episode will come out sometime next week, we’ve decided to throw you some scraps, eh um “clips” of our last episode.  We can see a little bit more of what Jarid’s about and how his life and feelings of Tina have changed over the years.

Now we know that you will be disappointed that it isn’t LONGER, BIGGER, BETTER, and with more EXPLOSIONS…but that’s just a gimmick. OH yes, we have you on the hook and we’ll promise more than we can deliver just to keep you there…here…or wherever.  The point is: enjoy.

Until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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