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The website works in direct correlation with the The M6P Podcast, hosted by Andy and Jarid.


The Team


TheAndy Kirby Host of The M6P Podcast, TheM6P.com Writer

Andy AKA “Farmer Andy” has loved Spider-Man since he was a wee lass. He grew up watching the animated Spider-Man series and fell in love. Andy is the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to the Wall Crawler and started officially collecting in the early 2000’s. Andy has a hatred for ice cream that can only be matched by his hatred for sharks and flying.




Jarid Mayo M6P Podcast Host, M6P Writer

Jarid AKA “The Good Looking One” became obsessed with the X-Men in 1992 when the animated series debuted. He’s been collecting ever since and has amased a small War Room of Marvel memorabilia. The Tina awards were inspired by his love for the Queen of Rock In Roll and he shares his hatred for sharks with Andy. Jarid is the X-Titles XPert.