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The M6P Team

TheAndy Kirby Co-Host of The M6P Podcast, Writer


Andy AKA “Farmer Andy” has loved Spider-Man since he was a wee lass. He grew up watching the animated Spider-Man series and fell in love. Andy is the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to the Wall Crawler and started officially collecting in the early 2000’s. Andy has a hatred for ice cream that can only be matched by his hatred for sharks and flying.








Jarid Mayo Co-Host The M6P Podcast, M6P Writer, M6P Social Media Manager

Jarid AKA “The Good Looking One” became obsessed with the X-Men in 1992 when the animated series debuted. He’s been collecting ever since and has amased a small War Room of Marvel memorabilia. The Tina awards were inspired by his love for the Queen of Rock In Roll and he shares his hatred for sharks with Andy. Jarid is the X-Titles XPert.









Darrin Michael“Back 2 Books: B2B” Host, M6P vs. MCU Host, M6P Writer, M6P Social Media Manager


After years of careful preparation and disciplined training in the Marvel arts at a younger age, Darrin would eventually reunite with a school classmate, Jarid, and began helping out The M6P here in there with social media in 2012. From there, it grew to even more duties for The M6P including web master, writer, YouTube host and more. When he’s not rambling on about Marvel theories and history on one The M6P shows while waving his M6P mug around, he enjoys sitting on his couch, waving his M6P mug around while watching other creators’ comic book or horror movie content.







John Coughlin
Chief Art Editor – The M6P, M6P Writer and Contributor



John has been reading Marvel comics for over 30 years. Ever since watching “The Trial of the Incredible Hulk” he has been obsessed with Daredevil. After picking up his first DD comic, he quickly fell down the rabbit hole of Marvel continuity. John also likes to draw your favorite contributors as Superheroes. He has been contributing art and articles to the M6P since 2016.






Kevin McVicker
Chief Editor of, M6P Writer and Contributor

Like an infinite number of monkeys trying to write Hamlet, Kevin has been able to randomly place together words in a somewhat coherent order in an attempt to express his lifelong love of all things Marvel. Starting from the first moments he watched Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends as a little tyke, Kevin has grown into an actual adult male while somehow maintaining his passion for superheroes. Does he know how to the change the oil in his car? No! Can he explain the convoluted history of the X-Men comic book series? Listen, bud: no one can!