616 Things – Daredevil

By John Coughlin For this installment of 616 Things we are going to explore 6 things you should know, 1 thing you may not know and 6 things we’d like to see happen with Daredevil. However, I want to give…

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616 Things – Storm

By Jarid Mayo Storm of the X-Men. She’s been around since her first appearance in 1975 in Giant Sized X-Men #1. She’s been a mainstay of the team serving longer than almost any other member. She’s known for her long…

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616 Things – Colossus

By Clay Pauley As a boy there were only a few things that ever left me undone at first sight. Ranking up there with my first N64 and arriving at Disneyland, is when I caught a glimpse of the X-Men’s…

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616 Things – Squirrel Girl

By Clay Pauley   That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you didn’t read the title wrong, I’m about to give 616 Things about Squirrel Girl! Sure she may be a laughable concept of a character, but over the last decade Squirrel…

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616 Things – Godzilla

By Clay Pauley In our brand new column 616 Things, we will explore various characters in the Marvel Universe. Each column will look at: -6 Things You Should Know About This Character -1 Thing You Might Not Know About This…

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