Marvelous Box is a subscription box service developed for the Marvel fan who can’t get enough Marvel graphic novels! It was designed to get folks great Marvel graphic novels for a fraction of the price! Whether you’re looking to try some titles or you already know how great the Marvel Universe is, Marvelous Box is for you! Sign up for your Box Today!




How much does it cost?

Champion Subscription $25.00 (quarterly billing + $5.00 Shipping and Handling)
The Champion Subscription will ship 4 times a year right to your front door (or secret headquarters). You’ll receive a box every 3 months and will be automatically billed quarterly.
Superhero Subscription $90.00 (one time yearly billing + $20.00 Shipping and Handling)
The Superhero Subscription will ship 4 times a year right to your front door (or secret headquarters). You’ll receive a a box every 3 months and billed once a year.

What do I get?

Each Marvelous Box is packed with Marvel Only graphic novels! No DC! No Image! You only get the best graphic novels made by the best comic publisher! Each Marvelous Box will contain at least $100 worth of graphic novels. You spend $25, and you get AT LEAST $100 in Marvel graphic novels! From the X-Men to the Avengers, and Spider-Man to Hulk, you never know which Marvel characters will appear!


Can I order multiple subscriptions?
Can I pick the graphic novels I want?
Half the fun is not knowing what will show up in your Marvelous Box! Everything is Marvel though, so you can’t go wrong!
How can I cancel?
Once payment has been processed, the sale is final. It may not be canceled or refunded. If you decide Marvelous Box just isn’t marvelous enough for you, contact us at M6PLLC@gmail.com at least 5 business days before the 1st of the month of your box shipping (June, September, December, March)
What’s in the Marvelous Box?
Each box contains Marvel Graphic Novels and ONLY Marvel Graphic Novels! Each box has at least $100 worth of Marvel Graphic Novels. Each box is different so your friend will more than likely receive different Marvel graphic novels than you.
When does Marvelous Box ship?
Marvelous Box ships during the middle of June, September, December, and March.
How many comics are in Marvelous Box?
None! Marvelous Box only contains Marvel graphic novels! You might get a Spider-Man Epic Collection (retails for $39.99) along with 3 other graphic novels, or you might get 5 graphic novels! Either way, you’ll always get AT LEAST $100 worth of Marvel graphic novels!
I need this more than 4 times a year! Can I get more Marvelous Boxes?
We’re brand new, but based on demand we might increase how often we ship!
I don’t live in America, can I still get a Marvelous Box?
Though we love our international friends, at this time we can’t ship outside of the USA. We’ll be exploring options to do this in the future though!

If you have any questions, concerns, or need help signing up – please shoot us over an email: M6PLLC@gmail.com – We are happy to help!