M6P #11: The Retconning of H(R)ulk

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Hulk, Rulk, Red Hulk?  What’s the deal with Corn Nuts?
Someone just had to do it. Somebody just HAD to burst our bubble. Someone had to make Red Hulk fit into 616 continuity so tightly that it would now be impossible for us to untangle ourselves.  But let’s face it, we knew it was coming. You’d be kidding yourself if you thought that Marvel was just going to let Jeph Loeb do his own thing without at least trying to reconcile it to the rest of the Marvel U.  And that someone is Jeff Parker. Jeph, Jeff…I think I see where this is going now…”The FAll of the Jepfs”…or however you would spell that.  Along with our review of Fall of the Hulks Alpha, we give our take Siege: The Cabal, the disappointments of Steve Roger’s return as well as an approving nod to the Marvel editorial team for being “on the level” as they say.  ALSO, let us not forget the fabulous return of the TINA AWARDS!! Oh, and as per Jarid’s request we have a picture of Andy’s tattooed fingers.  Enjoy!

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