M6P #15: Kitty Pryde and the Pretty Girls

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What’s this rated?

Do we really have to get into how we name the episodes?  I mean, it’s not that complicated. I edit them, then you listen and you say, “Oh, that’s what he meant when he named this stinky little number.”  (I know you don’t really say that thing about the stinkiness of the show. I know you are more respectful than that, but….nevertheless, I digress.)

My point is that you should take careful notice of this title. I could have named it any number of titles that would most likely offend myself, my co-host, or most likely any number of minority AND majority groups out there.  The bottom line is that whether you’re Democrat, Republican, the Green Hulk, the Red Hulk, or some blue guy that is made up by Loeb’s daughter–you may find yourself leaving our fan base.  We loved to have you and well, you can at least walk away knowing some of our deepest darkest fears and desires.


NAHHH, I’m just joshin’ ya! Everything is pat.  Go on and enjoy the episode.

Until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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