M6P #16: Bastion – He Lives in You

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What would Bastion do?


There comes a time in every super hero’s life where they need to fish or cut bait.  Crap or get off the pot.  Put their money where there mouth is.  Practice what you preach.  Turn or burn.   Believe or deny. I–I think I’m getting off track here.  The question then boils down do you believe in Hope or don’t you? Would you give your life for the life of the Savior of Mutanity?

Sure, we all feel this way. I know I’d give my sixth two on my left foot and my fourth eye and even smision (that’s my seventh sense) for a chance to protect Hope.  All that being said, however, the last question still remains: WHY WHY WHY Nightcrawler!?!?!?!?!?!

Yyle (Kyle and Yost), you torment us with doubt anguish and the salty discharge that are my tears. We–we care.  And even though we couldn’t really ask them our question, Jarid lent us his uncanny ability to channel the writers so that we could get extremely close to the truth…well, close enough.  Hope you enjoy.

Until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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