M6P #17: End of an Era

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Goodbye old friend.


It is the End of an Era. We all know this. We all mourn this. We all celebrate this.  It is a time of jubilation, a time of mourning, a time of singing and merriment, a time of gnashing of teeth.  A time where we can’t even recognize the Hulk universe; where the X-Men are fighting for survival, where mega-events are overshadowed by smaller, tightly compacted story events; where Spider-Man is immature and hated; where the space opera is uncertain but continual; where younger heroes are being trained to uphold the ideas of the previous generation; where no one knows or cares what is happening to Ghost Rider and the Immortal Iron Fist.  Wait–this is…this is just like the last era.

This so-called Heroic Age is a crock!! How much for the book?!? There’s one…two…three different titles I have to buy to kick this off? Cheese and Rice!  Alright. Breathe. Just breathe. I’m not focusing on that. I’m here to talk about the END of the era. Dark Reign, Siege, Dark Avengers, New Avengers. All these things. Let’s discuss. The highs, the lows. The joy, the woes.

The…ya know, nevermind. Roll Tape!

Until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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