M6P #19: The (Speculatory) Death of Kaine

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Alas poor Kaine, I knew thee well.


Ah yes, Kaine. We knew him well. Wait, no we didn’t.  Who said that? Who said we knew him well? I didn’t know him well at all. And who said he died? I didn’t. If anyone should perish it should be that Arana chick. I don’t know why that bozo Andy is so on fire for these hip young superheroes.

The ones that are caring a new generation to glory and wonder—my generation.  I can’t fathom the ineptitude of the mentally challenged lunatic that likes the new Spider-Family better than the old. And what’s the point of meshing the two together? What’s going on with the intent to make life contiguous and gloriously better by emphasizing the young upstart superheroes? Why empower the female population with crud like the “Young Allies?”

If it were up to me we’d have Tina Turner riding around on Storm’s shoulders while driving a motorcycle through bumpy fire.  You know what I’m talking about!!  Roll tape!

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