M6P #20: X-Men…meh

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Twilight…for the Marvel crowd.


As Andy goes off into lala land about the metaphors of Spider-Man and how he can’t sleep unless he figures out the most intricate details of Spidey’s mythos and the people who tell us, Jarid seeps into a lull of doldrums madness.  The” X-Men…meh,” he says. Gischler can bite it (get it…tee hee) over his new vampire-twilight X-Men run.Sure X-Men #1 didn’t blow up Jarid’s skirt, but there’s always Shadowland.

OH wait. Jarid doesn’t like THAT EITHER!!  Well another miserable show of grumbling and complaining.  WHAT!! Naaahhh. That’s insane. Andy is a fun-loving, lovable, squeezable guy. He would never let it go that far.  That’s why the metaphors of life tangled into the Spider’s web comfort him on the cold lonely days at the office.

Enough of this nonsense. Take it easy!

Until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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