M6P #21: The Lions and Dr. Lamb

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Super Heroes are Bad Role Models? REALLY!?!


I’m sure we can all understand that miscommunications just happen…and why wouldn’t they when you are talking to a macho, sarcastic, sexist superhero?  Wait, you misunderstood me.  I wasn’t talking about Dr. Doom and his Vibranium fixation, or Daredevil and the heartless killing of our favorite Dark Avenger (no, not Sentry) Bullseye.

I’m not even talking about that drunk womanizing miscreant that parades around in his super-dee-duper armor–which he’s naked underneath, don’t know if you knew that or not. I’m talking about the misunderstanding that Jarid is cool and not just one more comic nerd fixated on an African weather goddess.

But, let’s face it, Andy’s no better with all the allusions to fluffy girls with tales and the weird toothy necklace and his obsession with that Cadillac of Men, the Sentry.  I guess….well, I guess it is easy now to see how misunderstanding can occur. If only because we can’t understand these people to begin with.

What weirdos.  Really. Seriously. I’m outta here. I’m sick of writing this stupid drivel for these idiots every week.  It’s the same BS (Ben Stanley, that is) every day….just different circumstances.

Until next time (I can’t stand) Marvel 616 Politics!


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