M6P #26: The 616 Christmas Blues

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Spewing (Unheated) Christmas Puss Everywhere We Go


It was a cold day that Andy’s mouth swelled up…and an even colder day when Jarid’s heater went out….mwuahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

But let’s be serious for one second. My heart goes out to the guy…well, not that much (because he makes fun of me ALL THE TIME). But in this show, I got the last laugh.  I finally beat Jarid Mayo at his own game: The Tina Awards. That’s right. Oh, he’ll deny me that quarter point I earned in the very beginning, but his deceit can only take him so far. His uppins will come. Mark my words!! That dastardly devient of destruction will not don the dark of dusk this day.

Now besides the magnificent Tina Awards, we discuss the Promotions at Marvel, Black Panther coming to New York, the point of X-Men Legacy, and the Osborn mystery. And who can forget about our sponsor, DCBService.com? Get all your issues at heavily discounted prices, up to 40% off!!!  So that about wraps up this merry time of fun and pizaz…(is that spelled right?) Oh, one more thing. Feel sorry for us. Seriously, no seriously. Jarid’s heat went out and my teeth/mouth burst forth with the “Christmas Puss.” With your sorrow, we grow stronger….feeding off of it as if it were an energy source, vibrant and pulsating with emotion and POWER. POWER!!!!  (oh and don’t forget our sponser DCBService.com)

Until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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