M6P #27: For the Love of…

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Now with the Best Legs in the World!


Today is a new day (with DCBService.com!!).  Today is the day that M6P and you connect. Today is the new Horrific Age.  It’s that time whe–wait…what?  Horrific has already been taken?  THOSE MARVEL SLEEZE BA–wait…what?  OHHH, the “Heroic Age.”  Got it…no, I got it.  NO I got it.  Jeezum Petes…For the Love of…  Alright, well I’m past that anyway.  We don’t even talk about the Heroic Age in this episode.

Why?  Because we are doing the Vampire thing….we’re not?  Wait, I thought that we were still doing vampires and Frankencastle and stuff.  Oh, that’s over?  Alright, so we are now in the new Heroic Age…what now?  Just the X-Men?  The rest of the Marvel Universe has moved on?  Now we are doing the Point One program?  Well, why are the X-Men so far behind?  Screw it!!

Welcome to Marvel 616 Politics, where the news is fresh and Tina is in full swing.  (She’s still cool, right?  Okay, okay!  I got it.)  So in this shining gem of an episode, we have Professor X and Magneto stop by for a while, while we finish up our preps for the show; and I have to say, they do a pretty bang up job.  As always, I hope you enjoy and….just don’t judge us.  Roll Tape!!

Until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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