M6P #30: Journey into Tie-Ins

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Are we trying more than Marvel?


I don’t know what was up with this past week’s comics, but they were a stretch…to say the least.  A stretch for us…to tell you…that they actually relate to the AMAZINGLY AWESOME event Fear Itself.  So this issue we talk Invincible Iron Man #503 and how (half of) it really relates to Fear Itself.

Then we go into Journey into Mystery #622 to find out how exactly Loki and his evil big self, Loki, fit into the Fear Itself.  I mean…he’s Asgardian…Skadi is Asgardian.  They are obviously lovers that were separated at birth then transmigrated into a frog, then a hammer, and finally a girl that is the incarnation of Sin itself.

Hey, I could write this event.  Jarid!!! Get me my inkwell and feather!

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Until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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