M6P #32: The X-Men Fiasco

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CGI fire…why did it have to be CGI fire?


Why does it always have to be about me?  Is it my fault that I talk a lot, or have a lot to say?  And yet, Jarid doesn’t think so…what’s that guy’s deal anyway?  Oh don’t drink during the show…oh don’t eat your ramen…oh you don’t like your ice cream…oh you need to go drown in an ocean of ice cream…

Anyway, join us for issue 32 where we discuss the in’s and out’s of X-Men First Class, the Uncanny relaunch, and Fear Itself #3.  We also argue about water and swimming as well as other mundane and trivial things.  And yes, of course, I get to call Jarid a “jerk.”  BUT I DID NOT SAY “ASTRAY” this episode, even though Jarid desperately tried to get me to say it…over and over and over again.

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Until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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