M6P #33: Things Are Looking Up

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And why wouldn’t they be?


Over the countless hours that we have given to Marvel, we often feel like we deserve some sort of compensation.  Do we want blood and treasure?  No…nooooo.  Keep your bloody treasure away from my face and hands.  All we really want is good stories. (Now if they’re bloody, we can’t help that.  We just read them.)

But as of late, we feel that Marvel is listening, and listening GOOD!  Did you see Schism #1?  I mean, come on!!!   How can you beat that.  There wasn’t a single retcon in the whole issue, that I know of.  And that Cap.  WOW!!  He’s just so hot right now.  Steve is back in the costume and ready to go.

Sure it may seem like I’m laying it on thick, but if we ever want to get Marvel as a sponsor we need to start sucking up a litte, right?

The point is, this week’s stories were downright FANTASTIC!  They are great jumping on points and where better to get these stories than DCBService.com?  That’s right.  Discount Comic Book Service where you can get these issues and several hundreds more for up to 40% off!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do it, Jarid does it…your Aunt Netta watches it everynight with the VCR!!  (sorry, got carried away there.)

So until next time,

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