M6P #34: We’re Back in the Saddle

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That’s right.  We are BACK!!!


After Jarid off filming his debut movie The Avengers, perhaps you’ve heard of it…and Andy being back after….well, I guess that guy was just lazing out.  I suppose he really didn’t go anywhere at all.

Sad really.

But as we come back, we hit all the major issues that have come out since our last ish:

– X-Men #15.1

– X-Men Schism #2

– X-Men Schism #3

– Fear Itself #5

– Daredevil #1

– Secret Avengers #15  (READ IT!!!)

– Uncanny X-Men #542

– Amazing Spider-Man #666

– Punisher #1

– Ghost Rider #1

WHEW!!!  That’s a TON…and also we still give out our Tina Awards.  Admittedly, we are a bit out of practice with these, as you will see (We almost went to fisticuffs over this nonsense!).

And of course, thanks to our sponsor DCBS, Discount Comic Book Service.  40% off all pre-orders.  Go….Pre-Order!

So, until next time make yours MARVEL 616 POLITICS!


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