M6P #35: The Burden of Children

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Off to a rough start perhaps, but nothing a little glue and stitches can’t mend.   Of course there is that pestering baby that won’t shut up.  Gah!!!  Kids are just a drag aren’t they?  But enough with the uncool talk of the funk.  Let’s get our comics on!

But…but why is Jarid talking like that?  Oh right, the Jersey accent.  I don’t get it.  If he wanted to talk with an accent, why woudldn’t he just do a M6P Role Play and get it over with?  Why’s the guy gotta be like that?  Jerk!

This issue we discuss New Avengers Annual, Fear Itself #6, Avengers – Children’s Crusade #7, Spider-Island, Schism, Uncanny X-Force, the Point One one-shot coming up, and how uncool Thunderbolts #163.1 was.  And of course our sponsor DCBService.com where you can fulfill all your lifelong dreams of fun and adventure through the comfort of UPS.

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