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How Many Times Will He Say It?


There are many times in the relationship of our hosts that they don’t see eye to eye.  This is just one example:  The “Would You Rather” game.  Let me elaborate.  Would you rather play the Would You Rather game or do a podcast? Or both?

Would you rather stay up till 1:30 AM recording or playing Super Hero Squad online?

Would you rather make fun of your friend for saying the word “FAANTASTIC!” too much?

Would you rather listen to politics or Tina Turner on repeat forever?

Would you rather have comics in your collection or statues and busts?

Would you rather be listening to our episode than reading this?

Would you rather go to DCBService.com or buy your comics out of a trash can that is the shelf at Barnes & Noble?

Would you rather download this show from iTunes or go to http://podcasts.comicbooked.com?

Would you rather leave a comment on the Facebook or email us at marvel616politics@gmail.com?

Would you rather….ugh…I’m sick of this.

Just listen and be sure to Make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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