M6P #40: Role Play Fiasco

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But I Don’t Wanna!


I truly don’t understand why everything is so hard?  Why is it so difficult to find good help?  Why can’t we just do the show and make the fans happy and talk about comics and have a blasty blast?  Well, I’ll tell you why!  Because we don’t always get along.  Now I know that’s hard to believe.  Andy and Jarid seem like bestesty chums, but underneath that amiable facade, we sometimes get selfish and obtuse and sometimes….just sometimes….downright unruly.  Hard to believe, I know.  Yet, don’t hold it against us.  Because, frankly, if you leave us, we won’t have any friends left.  So until next time:  Make yours Marvel 616 Politics! (brought to you by DCBService.com!!)


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