M6P #47: Gwem J

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Neither…Liz Allen


It gets easier and easier to prepare for these shows.  How?  Well, we just don’t.  Well…that’s not really true.  I mean we send each other a txt file with some ideas and Jarid usually says, “okay, boss.”  But what he really means is, “if that’s what you really want to talk about…not that I’m complaining; I just think it’s stupid to pick those topics.  I mean they don’t have anything to do with the X-Men or Tina Turner or my J-O-B or anything that I would remotely be interested in.  And why do you constantly pick ‘good’ stories when I hate good stories and story-telling?  Aside from Claremont, who couldn’t tell a concise story if his life depended on it, I really don’t like much of anything nowadays…except for Brian Wood’s ‘Storm’ series.  I know, I know…you want to argue that it’s not really Storm’s book, but you’d be wrong.  You are entitled to an opinion…but it’s wrong.”  I mean, GEEZ!  Look at what I have to put up with!  Anyway, we are sponsored by DCBService.com and their sister site, InStockTrades.com.  All orders over $50 are free shipping and with our BRAND NEW PROMOTIONAL CODE !!!!!!!! you can save an extra 8%!!  marvelpol8

So until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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