M6P #50: M6P Welcomes the Wives

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They couldn’t do any worse!


You may find it interesting that Jackie sounds a lot like Andy.  You may find it interesting that Jennifer sounds a lot like Jarid.  But I think what you will find most interesting is that these two goddesses of the earth put up with these two dopes to any and all degrees.  We’ve got pigs, toothbrush fiascos, action figures, and toy stores.  Too much money on comics, not enough time in love.  How do they do it?  Well, tune in to find out how these lovely gals take on their hubbies in a special anniversary episode of Marvel 616 Politics!  We are sponsored by DCBService.com and their sister site, InStockTrades.com.  All orders over $50 are free shipping and with our BRAND NEW PROMOTIONAL CODE !!!!!!!! you can save an extra 8%!!  marvelpol8

So until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!


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