M6P #53: Hacha! We’re Back!

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Who said we weren’t?


I don’t believe it!  I don’t.  I refuse.  I mean, Jarid thinks that the Body Politic likes him better than me.  This is totally unnacceptable.  He’s the jerk.  Not me.  And then he starts making fun of me because I’m losing my voice?  Then he calls me Jerry Seinfeld (or however you spell that yahoo’s name).  Well, I won’t stand for it.  I’m better than that guy!  I’ve read this week’s books:  Avengers, New Avengers, All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Force, X-Force and Cable, Avengers Arena, etc. etc. etc.  Just tune in and see for yourself.  This guy’s a nut.  I don’t think he even really reads comics.  You be the judge.  We are sponsored by DCBService.com and their sister site, InStockTrades.com.  All orders over $50 are free shipping and with our Promotional Code you can save an extra 8%.  It’s one time use only marvelpol8

So until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics.


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