M6P #54: Make Me Feel Fat and Old

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Jarid is a Jerk


So, here we are just recording another show and Jarid feels like he’s got to get his digs in.  Sure I’m 30 and sure I may be a tad overweight at a solid 400 pounds…but does he have to let the listeners know?  My take is that he could have been a lot more subtle.  I mean, “ain’t nobody got time for dat!”  I don’t make fun of his inability to grow facial or back hair.  I don’t mock him for his irrational fear of jelly.  I don’t inappropriately bring up his secret ambition to become the world’s first invisible buttock model (right cheek only, I’m told).  I don’t do any of that.  And yet, he stands before me, brazenly declaring that he will help ME with my problems?!?  The man doesn’t even own a pair of aviator sunglasses for goodness sake!  Forget it.  I hate him.


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