M6P #55: Iron Man and the Freezer Burn

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Hate is an Icy Cold Place


Not to spoil anything for you…but Jarid seems like he’s losing it over the new Iron Man movie.  I’m not sure what his deal is.  It seemed fine to me.  There was no CGI fire that was there and then wasn’t and then was there and then wasn’t.  There was no preachy mutie stuff (such harsh slang for are fine mutant friends).  There wasn’t terrible characterization of the White Queen…I mean, maybe some other characters…just maybe!!!!!  But then he’s never a cheerful guy.  I mean, he once ate a whole 5 pounds of bacon to prove to me that bacon can make your stomach hurt.  I mean, who am I to argue?  I told him to go Freezer Burn himself!  And then guess what!  He went and auditioned for this movie that Marvel is putting out called…you guessed it: Freezer Burn!  So weird!


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So until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics.


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