M6P #56: Henry Pym’s Christmas in July

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Merry Christmas in July!


Who are we to judge?  I mean, truly!  I’m not judgmental of Jarid’s annoying habit of flossing while he is putting in his contacts.  He doesn’t judge me when I practice my duck calls exclusively performed by my crelbows and knee-pits.  We don’t jump down anyone’s throat that actually is enjoying the Captain Marvel series.  So, I ask you…how can we judge Hank Pym’s life choices?  He continuously makes it abundantly clear that invention and re-invention is the path for him!  Who are we to say otherwise?  If he wants to make a life choice about not creating more seeminly benign robots that will eventually destroy all of mankind, we won’t be hurting his feelings with our “nay-saying.”  I mean, I think humanity can take one for the team with Pym.  He’s been through a lot.  A lot of names, a lot of identities, a lot of tights…some different antennae…some fins (OH I’M SORRY!  “WINGS”).  Either way, if he needs to feel good about his wretched human-killing, self-destructive existence I think we can all give him a pass.  Whatya say?  Can we?  Can’t we?  C’mon.  C’mon, guys.  C’MON!!!!!.


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