M6P #57: Bunnies and the Backstreet Boys

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616’s back, ALRIGHT!


Well, it’s no secret that Jarid loves Tina Turner, but did you know that this cat loves the Backstreet Boys as well?  Well…that’s not totally true.  Okay, okay…he doesn’t like the Backstreet Boys at all.  He can’t stand them.  He hates them.  He loathes them.  Wait…that’s not true either?  Now I’m just confused.  Does Jarid like the BB’s (that’s what he calls them) or not?  Oh…OH!  He loves his wife!  Is that why he uses that magic marker every night to draw on Kevin’s mustache?  Now it’s coming together.  Now it’s illuminated.  Now it makes sense!  Jarid actually IS a Backstreet Boy!  I KNEW IT!  I KNEW that sun of a gun was famous!  I’m going to be famous!  Bow to me you ants of this world!  Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves!!  (wow, that’s harsh) For I am the podcast co-host of a Backstreet Boy!  Now seems as good a time as any to mention our sponsors.


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