M6P #60: Just Two Jerks

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I wish I could say otherwise.


But let’s be honest.  We are jerks.  But it’s not just us.  I think that jerkism is just a symptom of our culture…nay, humanity.  We are all jerks in our own way.  Not giving back the money when the cashier gives you too much change:  JERK!  Making someone cry at work:  JERK!  Not picking up that candy wrapper that hit the wind just right right as it hit the edge of the trash can in that pretty park and is now part of the ever-growing problem that is litter:  JERK!  Telling your podcasting partner that he has a weight problem:  JERK!  Telling your podcasting partner that he’s an idiot for not remembering to invoice the sponsors:  JERK!  Giving your podcasting partner a “strike” because he didn’t necessarily like the 20+ year old Tina song that he sent you for the 50th time this week:  JERK!  (It really could be either one of us at this point, let’s be honest.)


Whatever the case is we are all jerks in our own way.  The question then becomes what do you do with that knowledge….with that…Power.  Because with Great Power comes….infinite ways to become more and more of a jerk!


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