M6P #61: We Don’t Agree…On Anything

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What can I say?  We are two different people.


arid and I have reached a point in our “on-again, off-again” relationship where we are comfortable saying that we are two different people.  We are not co-dependent on each other.  We don’t need each others’ approval.  We have an open and honest relationship.  No one needs to have to must to agree on anything.  In fact, we basically dispise each other’s being to the root of our inner soul.  But…we’re fine with that.  We may disagree here and there about silly things like the new uniforms, whether Scott was right in irradicating the scum that was Professor X from the planet or whether the New Warriors really is a super team worth looking at; but at the very heart of the matter it all comes down to the fact that….Jarid is an IDIOT!!!  I mean COME ON!  How can you NOT like the Punisher?  And those uniforms are FANTASTIC!!!!  And Kitty Pryde is HANDS DOWN the best X-Men right now!  And Monet is AMAZING!  And anyone other than Carol that has the mantle of Ms. Marvel DOES deserve to die!!!!!  I feel us growing apart.



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