Superhero’s CraigsList Posting 5/3/2014

Basic RGB

By Adam Lee


Gauntlet for sale – $125 OBO

I recently acquired an ancient artifact dubbed “gauntlet” but now I have no use for it. It’s only been worn by a select few and is in great condition other than the 6 gems that are missing from the backside

Shoot me an electronic mail at



In search of Flame retardant material

I tend to get over heated and my clothes just can’t stand the heat. You know what they say – If you can’t stand the heat, Get away from Johnny. Not much cash on me but I’ll sign autographs and snap a few picks for the ladies. Not a big fan of itchy.

Email Johnny Storm at


Box of used gloves – $75

I’ve got a box of about 100 used gloves. All come with holes in between the knuckles of each finger. Could be used for all sorts of things. Other than the holes around the knuckles the gloves are in great shape. All gloves are blue with a slight black around the cuff.

Call Logan at 554-587-5421

I’m awesome – Free

Need I say more?…..didn’t think so. Yay Me! Bring me chimichangas

Wade “I’m so freeeeeeking cool” Wilson