It It Was A Movie: The Defenders/Heroes For Hire


This is going to happen, so let’s look at an extra-long edition of our dream cast for the four series which lead up to the movie…Heroes For Hire. Wait. I mean…The Defenders

Daredevil – Michael C. Hall

This has been rumored and ever since then I’m very keen on this choice.

daredevil1 michaelchall

Jessica Jones – Katee Sackhoff

Strong and capable, this may be the best role for her in the MCU. Maybe the second best role, so you’ll probably see her again in another cast…


Luke Cage – Travis Love

This guy is unknown and his acting credit is as Bowman in the Walking Dead, but cut of the dreadlocks and I think he might just be perfect.

lukecage travislove luke cage

Iron Fist – Joel Kinnaman

He has a lean and lengthy strength, and Ray Park is getting too old.

Iron_Fist joel kinnaman iron fist

Foggy Nelson – Alan Tudyk

You know you want to see him in the MCU so why not Daredevil’s lawyer partner? He could add a touch of levity to what could either be a dark series.

foggynelson alantudyk foggy

Karen Page – Alison Lohman

Kind of a role anyone could fill, but I think she’d make a great choice to pair with our Daredevil.

karenpage alison karen

Colleen Wing – Adrianne Palicki

You need someone beautiful and tough. Yep, she works.

colleenwing Adrianne Palicki

Misty Knight – Taraji P. Henson

There are a lot of strong choices for this role, and while Taraji may appear too old I think she’d be a great choice.

mistyknight afro

Dakota North – Kristen Bell

Basically she’s playing a grown up Veronica Mars. I think she can handle it.

dakotanorth kristenbell

Clay Quartermain – Nathan Fillion

I saw this online and I think it’s a great idea.

clay quartermaine nathan fillion

Victor Alvarez – Don Omar

He’s not a well-known actor, but he could definitely fit the role.

victor alvarez don oman victor alvarez

Patsy Walker – Kristen Connolly

I just want to see this character in the MCU and I think this actress could bring her to life.

hellcat kristen connolly patsy walker

Frank Castle – Gerard Butler

Sure, maybe he has an accent, but if you haven’t see Law Abiding Citizen, it really shows that he could be the perfect Punisher. This series would be the perfect choice to tease him and launch his own series.

punisher gerrard butler

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