If It Was A Movie… Casting With Kang: The Avengers


Casting with Kang…a simple concept in which an already established film is recast by the perfect actor from the perfect point in time thanks to Kang’s time traveling. Today we recast The Avengers with the greatest film legends of all time. Enjoy.

Iron Man – Frank Sinatra circa 1962

Iron_Man_Mk_L_2 Frank+Sinatra+sinatra2+png

Who’s cooler than RDJ? Frank Sinatra. Back in 1962 he was at the top of his game and smoother than hot butter. This is the man to play Iron Man.

Captain America – William Shatner circa 1966

3364434-3106405183-Capta shatner2

This one was the hardest. I had to consider who was truly an example of an all-American actor with all-American good looks. I went for Canada’s own William Shatner from his days on Star Trek. You’ll never watch his battle with Gorn the same way.

Bruce Banner/Hulk – Steve Buscemi circa 1996/Lou Ferrigno circa 1982

2333369-hulk_001 Steve_Buscemi_(1996)

Steve Buscemi was rumored at one point in time to be in the running for Ang Lee’s Hulk. The chiseled chinned Bruce Banners are far from the scrawny nerd with anger issues in the comics. And Lou Ferrigno is so much the Hulk he still does the voice acting for the role in the current Avenger films.

Thor – Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1984

3332462-1175527534-27866 arnold_schwarzenegger_Young_Photos-131

Don’t tell me you don’t want this to happen. You’re dreaming about a time machine actually working and going back and grabbing him post the second Conan movie to play the god of thunder.

Hawkeye – Errol Flynn circa 1938

hawkeye-white2 Robin-Hood-Errol-Flynn-002

For Stan Lee. Nuff Said.

Black Widow – Lena Olin circa 1988


If you watched her on Alias you know she understands how to pull of being a mysterious spy. If you watch her in her early years you know she can be a seductress. She also has a much better Russian accent than our current incarnation.

Loki – Tim Curry circa 1975

Loki_Laufeyson_Earth_616 CM-Capture-5

All the fan girls on Tumblr love the cute current Loki, but the Loki we lifelong comic fans know is the evil and chaotic god of mischief. Tim Curry from his Rocky Horror Picture Show era is the perfect choice to bring this vision to life.

Nick Fury – Samuel L Jackson circa now

images (1) Sam-Jackson

In terms of the Ultimate Universe version of Nick Fury, Samuel L Jackson is perfect. And since David Hasselholff was perfect as the 616, let’s keep with Samuel L Jackson.

Thanos – Gary Oldman circa whenever

Thanos_(Earth-616) used-2013-11-08-gary-oldman-alkhall-celebriety-01

He can play anything anytime.

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