Superhero’s Craigslist Posting 5/17/2014

Basic RGBBy Adam Lee

Selling 10 Mystical Rings – $1500
Recently I was portrayed in a major motion picture and now my rings have no value due to the horrible betrayal of my presence in this movie. I’m now made fun of and can’t take the humiliation.
Email Mandarin at

Need – TONS of Cards!
Listen Mon’ami I’m in need of about as many deck of cards as I can get my hands on. Local stores are all sold out chere. I can pick dem up locally if you in Cajun Country. Thanks love
Test Remy @ 281-676-2983

Hero for Hire
If you’ve got a problem I can solve it. I can handle all your heavy lifting and handle my own. I’m yo’ man!
Call Cage at 828-902-9912

Large tub of Lotion
I’ve got extremely dry and gritty skin and need a LARGE amount of lotion. Possibly double the normal economy size. Brand doesn’t matter as long as it’s moisturizing. I’ll pay for shipping.
Email Flint Marko,

$500 – Large Red Boots
I’ve got 5 pairs of extra large boots. Size is 42 wide. Slight wear and tear. May contain rubble.
Call Cain 595-390-0012