Superhero Craig’s List Posting 6/15/2014

Basic RGB

By Adam Lee

Needing Gloves

Hallo mein name ist Kurt Wagner and I am searching for a custom Schneider, or how you Americans say a tailor. Needing custom schule und handshule. I have designs for the shoes und gloves already.

Anruf Kurt @ 001-541-756-6600


First-Aid kits – $50

These first aid kits are useless to me. Wasted my money for nothing. Have had no need for them. I tend to heal on my own, and pretty fast at that. I’m going to find you James, I was daddy’s favorite!! Email Victor Creed at

first aid



Selling sidekick

You need one, I’ve got one. Coincidence? I think not. Come pick him up. Free puppy pads with purchase. Weasel is his name. You’re welcome.

Call Wade now



Lint Rollers

Salutations. As the great Williams Shakespeare once said “There is many a man hath more hair than wit.” In this instance it’s a combination of the two. Perhaps I may purchase an excessively large bundle of lint rollers. Size does not matter when a burden is at foot. Contact Hank @



Nikon D800 – $475

We are selling this camera. We no longer have any need for it due to a certain pesky Peter Parker. We’ll capture him with more than just a lens. You give us Peter Parker and you get the camera free