616 Interviews – Namor

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The interview with Ghost Rider fell through, so today we are talking with the king of Atlantis, Namor. Join us as I hope to discuss the ever mounting tensions between his friend and ally, Black Panther, after the recent decimation of Atlantis and also whether those tiny wings actually serve a purpose or just make it uncomfortable to wear socks.

Marvel 616 Politics: Thanks for meeting with us today, Namor. How are you feeling?


M6P: Okay. A lot of people are wondering, Namor, what is your favorite play?


M6P: Some daddy issues, Namor? Well, what’s your favorite dinosaur?


M6P: I thought maybe it would’ve been Stegron. What’s one of the saddest days of your life?

N: Princess Diana wrecks.

M6P: I can see how fellow royalty meeting such a tragic end would be difficult. So what do you like the most about yourself?

N: Namor’s pecks!

M6P: I’d like to thank Prince Namor for meeting with us today and hope to see you back here next week for an all-new 616 Interviews!

N: Watch Namor flex!

M6P: [to producer Farmer Andy] We’re really running out of ideas, aren’t we?

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