616 Interviews – M.O.D.O.K.

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This week I talk with everyone’s favorite mechanized organism designed only for killing: MODOK! We’ll talk about the trials and tribulations of being a cybernetic floating head and also talk about his recent public martial issues with MODAM.


Marvel 616 Politics: Thank you for joining us this week, MODOK. How have you been?

MODOK: Fine, although thanks to your insistent prattling you have already forgotten my name!

M6P: I’m sorry, I thought you were MODOK. Are you a different model?

M: No, foolish human! I am the same model, only now I have been upgraded. I am now MODOKOG!

M6P: I…I can’t figure out what that acronym stands for.

M: Of course not with your small brain and closed heart. I am Mechanized Organism Designed Only for the Kingdom Of God! I know it should be MODOKG, but  for marketing sake it is MODOKOG!

M6P: You’re Christian now?

M: Mormon to be more precise.

M6P: That’s very interesting. What made you decide on your conversion?

M: It was the only logical choice!

M6P: A big Mitt Romney fan?

M: No, I’m Libertarian! The decision came about after I destroyed my first mate MODAM.

M6P: The guilt of killing your loved ones could cause someone to convert, okay.

M: No! I’m glad MODAM is dead! But in her place I created MODAM 2, 3, and 4!

M6P: So…

M: Yes, simpleton! I converted for polygamy! And to one day rule my own planet.

M6P: I’d like to thank MODOKOG for making me more uncomfortable than I thought was possible for him to do. We’ll see you back here next week for another brand new 616 Interviews!

M: Have you ever thought about were your soul will go once I kill you?!?!?!


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