616 Interviews – Invisible Woman

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This week we were joined by the first woman of the first family of Marvel, Susan Storm Richards. She graced us with her invisible presence as I asked about the struggles of raising a family and being part of a very public superhero team.

Marvel 616 Politics: I would like to thank you Mrs. Richards for coming out today and meeting with us. I’d like to start out by asking: What is it like to be married to one of the smartest men on Earth?

Invisible Woman: …

M6P: I’m sorry. Did that offend you? You must get asked that all the time. I’ll ask you about yourself. Do you create the fashion and costumes for the Fantastic Four?

IW: …

M6P: Again, I’m sorry. I can see how that could be taken as a sexist question. Ummm… could you tell us a little bit about your children?

IW: …

sueM6P: [to producer Farmer Andy] Dude, what’s wrong? What mom doesn’t want to talk about their kid?

Producer Farmer Andy: Maybe she fell asleep invisible.

M6P: Can she do that?

Producer Farmer Andy: Maybe. Shake her shoulder to wake her up.

M6P: Dude! She’s invisible. What if I don’t grab her shoulder? Ben Grimm will come down her and clobber me if Reed doesn’t transport me into a black hole first.

Producer Farmer Andy: I think you’re underestimating her powers. She could kill you herself if she thought you were trying to be inappropriate.

M6P: Not helping. Mrs. Richards? MRS. RICHARDS!

IW: …

M6P: Well, catch us next we when we hopefully won’t a narcoleptic and invisible guest on 616 Interviews.

IW: Sorry, I just got here. Doom was threatening the Earth again.


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