616 Interviews – Gambit

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gambs-250x300Today we have everyone’s favorite Cajun mutant with us: Gambit! We’ll talk about life, love, and living down on the Bayou.

Marvel 616 Politics: Thank you for joining us today, Gambit.

Gambit: Ya welcome, mon ami.

M6P: That’s an interesting accent. Where are you from exactly?

G: Well, Gambit from de Bayou, no?

M6P: Are you asking me because I don’t know.

G: No. No, Gambit know you no know.

M6P: What’s with the triple negatives and the speaking in third person?

G: Gambit Cajun, friend!

M6P: Is that just French redneck?

G: Oui.

M6P: So you’re here today to push a new cook book, correct?

G: Yea, my friend Logan told me ta write one after he try my gumbo. It so good he dun throw’d up.

M6P: Wait…what?

G: Ya start wit drownin’ de crawdads in YooHoo (courtesy of Razorback), an’ den ya add everytin else. De special ingredient is an Ace of Spades.

M6P: You’re special ingredient is a playing card.

G: Gambit got a motif to uphold, friend.

M6P: I’d like to thank Gambit for coming by, wearing a pink turtle neck under a brown trench coat, and making disgusting food this week, and we hope to see you back here next week with someone who hopefully has slightly better all-around taste.

Producer Farmer Andy: Next week is Chamber.

G: Even Gambit know dat a low blow ‘cause he ain’t got no tongue.

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