If It Was A Movie…X-Factor Investigations

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By Kevin McVicker

With the rumors of Fox shopping this title around as a television show, I figured I’d cast it before they beat me to it! For this ‘If It Was A Movie’ we are doing X-Factor, and more specifically the second volume of this series by Peter David – X-Factor Investigations. This could work well as an ongoing television series with a “crime of the week” detective show set up infused with humor. It could also work well as a movie, but with the larger than life personalities in this series, a movie won’t do them justice.

Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) – Josh Radnor
I was looking for a lead actor who was handsome, funny, but could also pull of drama when needed. The story could involve humor, or could involve the loss of a child, or he could play an evil duplicate of himself. So a lot of range is needed, and although I’m not a fan of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ what little I’ve seen of it, I think he could be the guy to lead this cast.

Guido Carosella (Strong Guy) – Lavell Crawford
Gonna get some hate mail for this pick, but truth be told it is difficult to find a large Strong Guy who can also play up the personality, so I had to go for Crawford who I loved in Breaking Bad. I’m also aware that a black man doesn’t necessarily look Italian, but I think that would be funny.

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Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) – Lara Jean Chorostecki
I already picked this actress on the X-Force movie, and I still think she’s a good fit.


Theresa Cassidy (Siryn) – Lauren Cohen
We need an actress who can properly pull off the complexities that arise in this character’s arc throughout the story, and she’s proven in the Walking Dead she is extremely capable.

Layla Miller (Butterfly) – Imogen Poots
She is a great actress with a unique look who I’ve enjoyed watching since 28 Weeks Later. I think she could bring life to this extremely complex character.


Monet St. Clair (M) – Kat Graham
She will need to bulk up, but other than that she’s perfect to play this role from what I’ve seen of her when my wife watches the Vampire Diaries. I promise I don’t watch.


Julio Richter (Rictor) – Dave Franco
This younger and lesser known Franco brother is a talented actor and could easily pull off Rictor.

Armanod Munoz (Darwin) – Jerrod Carmichael
This is a young up-and-coming comedian/actor who in the small roles I’ve seen him in has proven he’s awful. This could be a great shot for him.


Longshot – Noah Segan
There are probably many actors who could pull this off, but I liked him in Looper, so I’m picking him for this role.


Benjamin Russell/Gaveedra Seven (Shatterstar) – Aaron Paul
Only a meth-head would think that head gear and pockets were cool, so let’s get the most convincing meth-head to put that costume on.


Lorna Dane (Polaris) – Kristen Bell
She’s proven she can do comedy and drama, and she’s even played crazy a time or two.

Pip Gofern (Pip the Troll) – Danny Devito
Maybe I’ve just watch The Nightman Cometh episode of It’s Always Sunny too many times, but I think he’s perfect for the troll.

pip danny