Hail Hydra Says Remender For Secret Wars

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Hail Hydra is today’s Marvel reveal for the upcoming Secret Wars crossover.

The book will be written by Rick Remender with art by Roland Boschi. Ian (NomadCaptain America‘s adopted son) will be the star of a world that’s been run by Hydra for years. According to Remender:

“It really was an opportunity just to put a visual on what would happen if Hydra were to win. We’ve always seen Hydra’s attempts at world domination foiled, so this story gives us an opportunity to dig into a world where Hydra was not only never stopped but had insinuated itself into the American system and took over the country hundreds of years ago. In this world, we’ll see a New York City where Hydra was like the Freemasons of history. Hydra is now the American Dream.”

Look for appearances from other Marvel Universe characters like Venom, Iron Man, Arnim Zola, and more.