Isn’t That Just A Kick In The Red Skull?

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The main villain of AXIS returns or does he for his own limited series?

Red Skull” will be written by Josh Williamson with art by Luca Pizzari which takes place on Battleworld during Marvel’s Secret Wars event.. The series will last 3 issues and chronicle the adventure of Magneto, Electro, Moonstone, Winter Soldier, Lady Deathstrike, and Jack O’ Lantern as they search for the body of Red Skull. Is he alive? Or is he dead? This team is going to try and prove he’s dead!

Williamson said “Essentially it’s a team of villains… and past villains with nothing left to lose. Going over to SHIELD is a death sentence. This team was chosen because the mission has to be off the books. No one can know that Red Skull could actually be alive. This team could keep it quiet… if they survive. The Red Skull’s legend needs to be buried… and this is the best team to do it. If you need to go kill a villain… who better than a bunch of villains?”