Inhuman Primer – Getting To Know The Nuhumans

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By Kevin McVicker

With the influx of several new Inhuman titles, it seems like readers who want to keep up with main continuity at Marvel are going to have to start reading Inhuman books. While for me, this is great because I love the Inhumans (and I’m loving the Nuhumans as well), many people are potentially new to the Inhumans or at least haven’t bothered catching up on the latest series yet. I put together a short Nuhumans Primer to introduce you to some of the new players in the Inhuman universe.

Dante Pertuz (Inferno) – Inhuman #1 (June, 2014)


Dante, along with his sister Gabby and their mother were affected by the Terrigen Mist. His mother died as a result, but he was transformed and now has the ability to control and manipulate fire as a result of his terrigenesis. When he allows his power to take over he transforms into a magma-esque form, having cooled blackened lava as his skin with cracks of flams splitting through. He’s one of the more powerful of the Nuhumans, but has an incredibly difficult time controlling his abilities. He has also learned that in his volcanic form (not official dubbed that, but for the lack of a better term) he is able to regenerate entire lost limbs, such as his arm.

Interesting trivia: Gorgon and Dante connected and formed a friendship over their mutual love of heavy metal, specifically the band Slayer.

Jason (Flint/Korvostax) – Inhuman #3 (September, 2014)


Jason was affected like all Nuhumans with the Terrigen Mist cloud that covered the Earth post Infinity. He was originally picked up by Lash and joined his outsider group in the city of Orollan in opposition to Queen Medusa. After Lash’s defeat, the young man was allowed to join the New Attilan Security Force led by Gorgon. He also changed his alias from Korvostax to Flint at this point. Jason’s powers are akin to the abilities of Terrax but on a much smaller scale in that he can manipulate the earth around him as projectiles and defense, plus he is able to manipulate the earth/stone protrusions from his skin as minor shielding.

Interesting trivia: Due to his terrigenesis, Jason’s weight has increased dramatically due to internal mass becoming partially rock, which has also greatly decreased his mobility greatly.

Naja – Inhuman #5 (November, 2014)


Naja showed up out of nowhere with a bit of a mysterious past but apparently good intentions. It is believed she is a Nuhuman, but with her apparent drastic physical transformation and ease of use with her powers, it isn’t clear if she’s gone through Terrigenesis prior to the events at the end of Infinity. She is reptilian in appearance and has the abilities to turn herself invisible or at least camouflage herself in her surroundings. She can fly using what appear to be bat-like wings, and has enhanced telescopic vision.

Interesting trivia: She and Iso were both warned by Spider-Man to not date Daredevil or Cyclops.

Frank McGee (Nur) – Inhuman #7 (December, 2014)


Frank was a New York City detective for many years until Attilan blew up and released the Terrigen Mist over the world. He was caught by the mist and transformed into a fairly normal appearing Nuhuman except for his eyes which give off a yellow glow. With his eyes he can blind people or even either through hypnosis or some sort of empathic ability, calm people down using his eyes.

Interesting trivia: On his first mission given to him by Medusa, he and his partner were attacked by Maximus who used a mind controlled Black Bolt to scream at them. Frank survived the attack but his partner, Auran, was killed.

Xiaoyi (Iso) – Inhuman #4 (September, 2014)


Xiaoyi was in China when the Terrigen Mist changed her. The Chinese government sought her out to turn her into a weapon for the state, but she was saved by Reader who took her to the Capo in Venice, Italy. It turns out the Capo wanted to use her body as a host, so once again Reader rescued her and took her to Medusa who gave her sanctuary. Xiaoyi has the ability to alter the pressure of her surroundings. Also, part of her Terrigenesis gave her bright blue stone jewels covering parts of her face and hands.

Interesting trivia: Not part of her Terrigenesis, Iso is an extremely talented mechanic.

Gordon Nobili (Lineage) – Thunderbolts #14 (October, 2013)


Gordon Nobili was a waste of a mobster, whose family was looked down upon by most other crime families. During Thanos’ attack on New York, Gordon was propositioned by The Punisher to help him take out the heads of the large crime syndicate in the city. Gordon did this with his two sons, and a raid on a hideout by The Punisher, Venom, and Elektra. When the Terrigen Mist was released by Black Bolt, Gordon and his two sons were transformed. His sons were killed, and he ended up absorbing their essence. He is able to absorb the consciousness of anyone sharing his ancestry, and this also appears to be previously deceased individuals as well as one’s recently deceased. By having this power he was able to gain unknown knowledge and manipulate Medusa and take over Attilan for a brief period of time.

Interesting trivia: Lineage apparently was killed when Karnak, finding the weakness to death, was able to break through and return to the land of the living by kicking himself out of Lineage (awesome scene, and only in comics). It seems Karnak shared a past relation with Lineage which allowed his essence to be consumed by Lineage when he committed suicide after the fall of Attilan.

Lash – Inhuman #1 (June, 2014)


Lash is from one of the hidden Inhuman cities (Orollan, Greenland to be precise) that were discovered to be scattered across the globe during the Infinity series. While most in these hidden cities chose not to go through with the Terrigenesis, a few would as an honorary or a guardian ritual. Lash believes that not every Inhuman deserves to go through Terrigenesis. Once Attilan blew up and sent the Terrigen Mist around the globe, Lash took it upon himself to gather the strong survivors and cull the weak Inhumans from the Earth. He and Medusa, with opposing goals, obviously butted heads. Eventually his tribe in Orollan was defeated, but he escaped and continues to be a thorn in the side of Medusa and the Nuhuman’s attempt at offering a haven for all Inhumans. Lash’s terrigenesis allows him to absorb various forms of energy and redirect that energy, often with far more deadly force that original produced.

Interesting trivia: Along with the Inhumans, Lash has also already butted heads with both the New Warriors and The All-New Invaders.

Reader – Inhuman #4 (September, 2014)


Not much is known about the Inhuman Reader, except that because of his power his eyes were ripped out due to fear from the people that lived around him. Terrigenesis gave him the ability to make happen whatever he reads. If he reads fire, a fire will start. Since his eyes were ripped out he uses brail cards with words on them in order to “read” and manifest his ability. He can also use his ability to see through his dog, Forey. He isn’t a hero or a villain, but someone trying to survive on his own. His sense of morality did cause him to save Iso whom he delivered to the hands of the Capo when he realized what they had planned for her. He brought her to Medusa’s Inhuman tribe and then left and has not been seen since.

Interesting trivia: Between each uses of his power Reader needs to sleep. As far as has been seen, the third time using his ability without sleeping, he has very limited range and power.

Eldrac the Door – Fantastic Four #577 (May, 2010)


Eldrac was once a man who through Terrigenesis became an architectural being who opened his “mouth” and created teleportation portals. His first major contribution to the Inhumans was as a doorway for the Inhumans to escape when Thanos attacked Attilan. Later he was used by Lineage and manipulated into stranding Medusa and her royal guard in a trap when Lineage took over Attilan. Linage manipulated Eldrac by offering him a body and the ability to move around once again. Then in a fit of remorse he tore his head from his new body and left it sitting by the water’s edge.

Interesting trivia: It has been postulated that the Kree monolith artifact which teleports people to another planet on the show Agents of SHIELD may in fact be the MCU version of Eldrac.

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