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This is a weird one. Not because of Doom. Well, a little because of Doctor Doom but really because of the subject matter we strayed into. With news of a death still a recent and fresh wound, I hope you’ll allow my favorite comic book character and myself to commiserate on who we consider the greatest pop icon of all time.

M6P: Toady we’d like to thank Doctor Doom for coming out and agreeing to talk with us.

Doctor Doom: Yeah, no problem.

M6P: May I call you Victor?

DD: Sure. Whatever you like.

M6P: You seem kinda down.

DD: Yeah, I’m a bit down.

M6P: You have a new face and apparently a new outlook on life from what we’ve seen of you working with Iron Man. So what has you so down, Victor?

DD: Well, not many people know this, but I’m a huge David Bowie fan. And his death today really got to me.

M6P: I’m with you 100%. That was a pretty huge punch to the gut. We can talk about it. Do you have a favorite song?

DD: “Dance Magic” from Labyrinth was probably my favorite.

M6P: Really? I would’ve pegged you for an “I’m Afraid of Americans” kinda despot. Maybe even a “The Man Who Sold the World” sort of ruler.

DD: I mean, I’m not afraid of any Americans for starters.

M6P: Not Reed?

DD: Of course not.

M6P: Not Valeria?

DD: Well, maybe a little. But, you know dance magic was the first kind of magic I learned.

M6P: That’s a real thing?

DD: Oh yeah. I know pirouettes that could destroy the world.

M6P: Really, would you like to show us?

DD: No. I don’t want to destroy the world after it’s just been pieced back together.

M6P: Fair enough.

DD: Do you have a favorite Bowie song?

M6P: Oh… ummm… it’s hard to pick one.

DD: Come on. I’ve opened up to you here.

M6P: Okay, yeah you have. In a very uncharacteristic, Bendis-written way, you really have. So I think my favorite is maybe “Heroes”.

DD: Really.

M6P: What?

DD: After my past, you’re going to go with that?

M6P: Oh! No! I didn’t mean it… I mean… I just like the song. I loved your villainy plenty too.

DD: Sure.

M6P: Victor, I didn’t mean anything by that. I promise. I just like the song.

DD: I’m going to change mine to “Love is Lost”.

M6P: Don’t be that way, Victor. I’m sorry.

DD: No, it’s fine. I see how things are.

M6P: Crap. Okay, well next week hopefully we’ll be back to our usual cheerful selves.


Special thanks to Kevin for writing this article for Doom Week and also including what some would call a superhero in his own right – David Bowie. Though Bowie had little connection to comic books outside of the Labyrinth comic book and “Moonage Daydream” being playing in Guardians of the Galaxy, the staff here at M6P still enjoyed his artistry and he will be missed.

Kevin’s Favorite Bowie Song – Life On Mars

Andy’s Favorite Bowie Song – Life On Mars

Darrin’s Favorite Bowie Song – Not a fan

Jarid’s Favorite Bowie Song – Tonight

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