616 Interviews – Daredevil


This week on 616 Interviews we were lucky enough to talk with everyone’s favorite lawyer/superhero: Daredevil. How do we know he’s a lawyer? Because his secret identity is the worst kept secret since Marilyn Monroe visited the White House.

M6P: Thanks for coming here today, Daredevil. We’re glad to finally have a chance to sit down and talk with you!

Daredevil: That’s a lie.

M6P: Huh? No. No it isn’t.

DD: Yeah, your heart fluttered just then; obvious sign. Why aren’t you glad to be sitting down with me?

M6P: Well, in honesty, this is just some gimmick week we’re doing for your new Netflix series, and I can’t think of any decent hooks to really make this an interesting interview. Basically editorial is cramming this idea down our throat… Oh, hey, Editor Jarid. How long you been standing there? Love the tank-top!

DD: That’s a lie.

Editor Jarid: Oh, I know. Look, I don’t expect you to enjoy everything you do, but I do expect you to be professional about your job. I mean, you are the only writer we’re even paying.

M6P: Jarid, compliments aren’t legal tender. I’ve told you this over and over again.

EJ: What about all the Tina Turner bootlegs, huh? Those are worth like millions.

M6P: Jarid, that was just you dressed up like Tina singing that Mad Max song. I mean, yeah, you have the legs for it…

DD: That’s not a lie.

M6P: Thanks, Matt. But I’m not really sure what those were for.

EJ: They were for you.

M6P: I’m sorry, Editor Jarid. Don’t walk away like that. Come back! I’m sorry that got so awkward, Daredevil.

DD: You wanna see awkward? Watch me tell my current girlfriend about how every previous woman I’ve dated was killed.

M6P: Yeah, you and Cyclops should really just stop dating people. But I think that’s about all the time we have for this week’s 616 Interviews. Join us next week for another all-new exciting installment!

Daredevil: That’s a lie.

M6P: Hey, Producer Andy, have you ever seen Daredevil’s house?

PA: No.

M6P: Yeah, neither has he.

Daredevil: Haha. Blind jokes, really?

M6P: Hey, Producer Andy, Daredevil walks into a bar, and then a chair, and then a table.

Daredevil: Dude, that doesn’t even make sense. I have extreme senses which basically double as sight for me. I’d never do that.

M6P: Hey, Producer Andy, what’s Daredevil’s favorite color?

PA: I don’t know. What is it?

M6P: Corduroy!

Daredevil: Okay, that one’s pretty good.


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