Welcome To The M6P!


Formerly known as Marvel 616 Politics, The M6P will still serve as the latest source for Marvel news and the best place to find interesting Marvel-centric articles! However, we’ve updated our name, spruced up our site, added some new features, and brought on a brand new product!

Before getting to the product announcement, certain gratitude is due.

We want to first thank Darrin Michael. About 2 years ago Darrin joined Andy and I as our silent third man behind The M6P. Andy was always the behind the scenes guy. I was always the guy that made some Facebook posts. When Darrin joined up, he had a vision to expand and take The M6P further and farther than we had dreamed. Without Darrin’s vision and tireless work to build our first legit website, advise us on how to expand our audience, and update us and stretch us – we wouldn’t be here today. Thank you so very much Darrin!

We also want to thank Jen Cappelli for the beautiful design work. Jen designed our new logo, made custom graphics and pictures, and was also a great sounding board on helping us realize our visual dream.

Thirdly we want to thank Wren Communication. Wren came to us as a referral for website construction. They have been so helpful throughout the entire process of sprucing up our site. Thanks Wren!

Lastly, we want to thank our staff and fans! We kept both in the dark as we were in the process of changing everything to The M6P but everyone stuck with us – we even gained more followers on Facebook since the announcement and have had more feature articles written by our great staff! Thank you so very much!


We also want to announce our new product – The Marvelous Box! The Marvelous Box is the first and only Marvel ONLY graphic novel blind box subscription service! When you subscribe to The Marvelous Box, you’ll get a box of Marvel ONLY graphic novels delivered right to your door every quarter! The books will value at least $60 worth of amazing, astonishing, spectacular, and uncanny Marvel ONLY graphic novels! For more details click here!

Thanks again to everyone who’s helped us launch and relaunch!