The M6P is Moving to Phase 3: Catching Up and Moving Up Podcast

Welcome to The M6P!  The same show with a new format.  Or is it a different show with the same topic?  Maybe it’s a difference in topics and preferences?  Well, each host has their same hang ups.  So that’s something…isn’t it?  Sure, sure!  But is it still that politics thing?  Am I still part of their body?  I NEED TO KNOW!  The way you say it, it sounds really weird.  I don’t know if you were ever really part of their body.  But, yeah, they discuss the same movie news, comics, and how their lives take them on different paths.  They still lead us through the meandering wanderings of the mind of a wannabe farmer and his pleasantly slow friend.  What?  Look, all I want to know is, is it the same two morons that bore us with their own opinions on what Marvel is doing in their comics?  YES!!!  Okay, okay…then I’m in.  No reason to get angry.

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