Spoilers Point 1: Now THAT’S A Show Title!


Today we will be talking about Civil War.  Not the one way back in the 1970s when aliens invaded Roscoe, AZ, and mankind took to the stars and fought the Russians, but the one that really matters:  Captain America Civil War.  And I guess you could say that is was fairly civil.  They didn’t really spit at each other.  We also go goo goo and ga ga over Black Panther.  We give the verbal equivalent of a high-five about Spider-Kid.  We also like how Black Widow likes Hulk and speaks for him and tells Tony he’s a jerk and betrays everyone and kills Crossbones and is replaced by a Skrull and causes another alien invasion and has long hair.  Sorry, that’s my fan fiction story I’m writing.  Not too far off from where Waid is taking the book, I hear.  So join us for the next chapter in our epic saga that is The M6P!


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